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Indiana Health Insurance Plan and Drug Approvals

Your Indiana health insurance plan, available through Chambers Roper, has news from Medical News Today on new drug approvals from the FDA, and on projected shortages.

One of the first bits of news is in the struggle against Alzheimer’s disease. Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine has discovered, in tests done on mice, that a popular cancer drug called bexarotene can reverse the symptoms of Alzheimer’s within 72 hours of administration. In the mice that made up the test group, the administration of bexarotene showed improvement of memory and instinct within 6 hours of administration. Within 72 hours, the plaques deposited by chemicals associated with Alzheimer’s were reduced by 75%. While more testing is recommended, one great plus is that bexarotene is already approved by the FDA. It’s side effects are generally mild and limited, and it has been on the market for over 10 years, so it’s soon ready to be in the public domain. This means it can be released as a generic, making it more affordable. Also, since it’s an approved drug, there will be less testing necessary to prove the drug is safe for human consumption. Bexarotene is probably on your Indiana health insurance plan drug formulary, and if it is approved for this additional treatment, is will probably be covered for that, too.

Another drug that is already approved by the FDA has been approved for extended applications. The drug Vyvanse was approved in 2007 for the treatment of ADHD in children aged 6 to 12. In 2010, it was approved for the treatment of adolescents, as well. The 13 to 17 year old crowd has benefitted from this ADHD medication. In studies done with 123 participants, they were administered the drug in a double-blind, placebo controlled study. The results showed that 8.9% of the test subjects who were administered Vyvanse relapsed during the trial, while 75% of those taking the placebo relapsed. Now, the FDA has approved Vyvanse for ages 6 and up. Vyvanse is probably already on the drug formularies for your Indiana health insurance plan.

Amylin Pharmaceuticals has a diabetes drug that is intended for use by injection. However, in contrast with other diabetes medication, Amylin’s medication is administered just once a week. Byetta is the common drug used at this time, and must be injected daily. However, Bydureon shows a statistically superior performance in regulating blood sugar. In addition, fewer people (14% as opposed to 35%) had side effects than those using Byetta. The FDA has now approved the production of Bydureon for public consumption. Indiana health insurance plans will cover these prescriptions, just as they do with any other drug approved by the FDA.

Other news is not so good. It seems that a popular drug used in treating acute lymphoblastic leukemia, Methotrexate, is in short supply. Apparently, drug manufacturers are choosing to cease manufacture, limiting the quantity.

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