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Where to Find Short-Term Indiana Health Coverage

Some people only need Indiana health coverage for a brief period of time and opt to choose a short-term insurance policy. This is ideal for people who are in between jobs, are waiting for another plan to kick in, or just need coverage for a short period of time for whatever reason. With the economy in pretty rough shape recently a lot of people are finding themselves out of work, but still need insurance coverage.

In addition, many Americans are considered part-time employees and don’t receive benefits at work and there are millions of recently graduated students who are no longer eligible to receive protection on their parents’ plan. There are also people who have lost Indiana health coverage due to divorce and members of the military who have recently returned to civilian life and those who have retired early.

These people and many others are often looking for a short-term answer from private health insurance companies. Most of the short-term plans are available in monthly increments from one to six months in length. However, you may be able to locate some that last up to about a year. Having one of these policies in place will protect you in case of an expensive medical emergency.

There are several bonuses to these individual and family plans. You can often get the coverage to kick in as soon as the next day if you’re healthy and if you already know the length of coverage you need, you can usually pay it off all at once. Short-term plans are relatively on the low side cost-wise when compared to longer plans. However, they cover a wide range of services and care and you can usually select which hospitals and doctors you want to visit, though using in-network providers could result in financial incentives.

Be aware that a short-term Indiana health coverage plan doesn’t cover everything. For instance, many of them don’t look after routine doctor visits, preventative care, and pre-existing conditions. It’s important to check for exclusions on all policies you look at. The best way to do this is to get some free help from a licensed insurance agency such as Chambers & Roper. An independent agent will be able to let you know what each plan offers in the way of coverage and what is excluded.

We’ll also be able to shop around for the best price by comparing the plans from several of the state’s major insurance firms. You can contact an agent by toll-free telephone at 1-877-210-2010 as well as via our website.