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Be Sure to Check Your Indiana Health Insurance Plan for Any Exclusions

When most people purchase an Indiana heath insurance plan, they just assume that everything will be covered to some extent; however this isn’t always the case. Many health care policies come with exclusions. This means there are specific health care procedures and/or items that they don’t cover.

Things that may be excluded could be certain types of prescription drugs and/or a specific medical surgery or procedure. Like most other things, the exclusions will depend on the exact type of Indiana health insurance plan you have. This makes it important to know exactly what your health policy covers and what it doesn’t cover.

One of the most common types of exclusions concerns any pre-existing medical conditions. These are any type of medical condition that you’ve been treated for before your current insurance Indiana health insurance plan came into effect. While new health care laws have made it a little easier for people with pre-existing conditions to receive health coverage they may still be subject to a waiting period or a health insurance rider.

Private nursing and home care is often excluded from health policies and these costs can get pretty high for extended periods of care.  Another common exclusion concerns hospital stays. Many insurance providers will only cover the hospital room basics because the costs are so high. This means if you want to rent a television set or phone it is likely going to be coming out of your own pocket.

Patients with behavioral or learning disabilities such as dyslexia may also find themselves on the outside looking in as they may need extended health care that could last for years. However, many plans will at least cover prescription drugs to help combat the condition. In general, cosmetic surgeries and procedures will be excluded. However, if a doctor says they’re necessary for a specific health condition then they’re typically covered.

Unfortunately, most plans also exclude vision and dental benefits as they’re usually included in separate health plans. If you need dental or vision care due to an accident, it could be covered.  Be aware that some types of medications could also be left out, so when you’re comparing health insurance policies make sure you ask for a full exclusion list before making a decision on which plan to purchase.

The last thing you want is an Indiana health insurance plan that doesn’t provide the coverage you need. To make sure you know exactly what you’re getting in the way of coverage it’s a good idea to check with a licensed insurance agency such as Chambers & Roper. As an independent agency, we will let you know precisely what each plan covers and leaves out.

An agent will make sure you get the type of coverage you’re looking for to fulfill your health care needs. We can also track down affordable premiums since we work closely with the top insurance carriers in the state. We”ll be able to compare plans and prices, making sure you get the best deal available.

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