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Where to Find Information Regarding Affordable Health Insurance Indiana

The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) was passed by congress back in 1986. The legislation is aimed at providing affordable health insurance Indiana for those in the state who have lost their jobs. It’s also designed for people who are affected by life-changing events including death and divorce.  Under the act, if you quit your job or are fired for anything except gross misconduct, you’re eligible to stay in the former employer’s health group plan for family or individual care for a maximum of 18 months provided you pay for the premiums.

However, there are some exceptions to COBRA that you need to be cognizant of. For instance, you might not be eligible for it if you paid for the insurance yourself, work for a church-related group, work at a company that has less than 20 employees, or work for the federal government. If you go through a legal separation, divorce, death or lose your Medicare entitlement, then your spouse and dependent children will receive medical coverage for up to three more years if needed.

If you’re employed by a small company that doesn’t qualify for COBRA you’ll be glad to know that some states have their own legislation when it comes to being eligible for coverage.  Remember, you have to be covered by an insurance plan to be eligible for COBRA. However, there are some instances where you might be denied it. Some of these include reaching the final day of maximum coverage, not paying premiums on time, or the health plan is terminated by the employer.

Also remember when  you are on COBRA you have to pay the full amount of the premiums along with a small administration fee. The coverage offered will be identical to what you had at your job, but you may be able to drop optional benefits. To be eligible for COBRA, you and your employer have to notify the plan administrator of any eligibility-circumstances such as job loss etc. 30 days from when they took place. When it comes to legal separation, divorce, loss of Medicare and a child’s loss of dependent status, you have up to 60 days.

COBRA can be complicated to many people and it’s a good idea to contact a licensed insurance agency such as Chambers & Roper for more free information about it. We can also let you know if there are more affordable health insurance Indiana alternatives to the plan and/or prepare you for health coverage once your COBRA runs out.

An independent agent will let you know what type of affordable health insurance Indiana plan is the best for your specific health and financial situation. We’ll be able to answer all of your inquiries and advise you on the best course of action regarding the best type of health plan for your needs. No matter how old you are or what your occupation is an agent will be able to match you up with the ideal coverage.

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