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Where to Locate Information on BCBS of Indiana

One of the largest and most popular health insurance providers in the state is BCBS of Indiana (Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Indiana). The carrier aims to provide top-quality insurance plans at affordable prices. Today, the company is generally known as Anthem and its roots go back to the mid-1940s when a pair of Indianapolis-based businesses merged as mutual insurance firms.

The two companies formed as BCBS of Indiana to provide state residents with a variety of health insurance options. Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Indiana has an “A” rating from the A.M. Best Company, which is a well-known independent rating organization for insurance carriers.

There are numerous BCBS of Indiana plans on the market, with HSA (health savings accounts) being among the most popular. One of the company’s biggest sellers is the Lumenos HSA. This plan is designed to enable customers to take control with their health care. The plan offers several benefits such as full coverage on nationally recommended preventative care services.

In addition, if you visit in-network health care providers there aren’t any out-of -pocket costs, which allows you to leave money in your account. When your annual deductible and out-of-pocket expenses have been met the plan will pay 100 percent of all your in and out-of-network covered costs.

The Lumenos plan also provides members with several online resources and tools which are designed to help them locate hospitals and doctors that belong to the plan’s network of health care providers. These online options also enable members to find information on an assortment of medical costs and prescriptions as well as allow them to communicate with nurses and health coaches.

Lumenos is just one of many individual and family plans that BCBS of Indiana has to offer. There are others such as Blue Access, Economy, and Blue Traditional. The company’s head office in Indiana is located in Indianapolis. If you’d like more information on BCBS of Indiana and any other insurance carriers in the state feel free to get in touch with us at Chambers & Roper, a licensed insurance agency for a free, instant quote.

An agent will provide you with facts and figures on a wide range of health care plans from numerous insurance providers. This way you’ll be able to compare them with each other and decide which plan and company best suits your budget and health care needs. We deal with many types of health insurance plans and policies and will offer free advice and assistance when it comes to selecting the right plan for you specific situation.

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