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The POWER in Affordable Health Insurance Indiana

One of the biggest advantages of being an Indiana citizen is their access to an affordable health insurance Indiana plan. Not only do the low-income earners get assistance from the state in paying the premium for health insurance coverage under HIP (Healthy Indiana Plan) but they also get other benefits such as having a POWER account. This account is a benefit of having a HIP coverage that entitles members with $1100 account. This can be used to pay the expenses for initial health care. Let us try to explain further how the POWER accounts works. As mentioned earlier, this account is a benefit for HIP members so that means you need to qualify and have coverage for Healthy Indiana Plan. Under this plan, you will be required to pay a small fee that will be based on your monthly income and your household size. The fee could range from 2% up to 5% of your monthly income. The State will then cover for the remaining premium that cannot be covered from your payment. This means that the State will also contribute to the POWER account so you can have initial funds to pay health care expenses right away. One of the powers of the POWER account is that it stays the same during the entire 12-month enrollment period of the member. The only time that it will not stay the same is when the member will report a change or if the member would specifically ask for a recalculation of their payment. For the 12-month period, a member can only request for one recalculation just in case their income had changed. However, this limitation in the recalculation for affordable health insurance Indiana plan does not apply in changes of your household size. One thing that you have to remember when you have a POWER account is that you need to religiously make a monthly contribution. The consequence of not being able to make a contribution every month can be as severe as termination from the HIP program. And just in case that the member did get terminated because of not being able to pay, he or she would not be allowed to re-enter the program for a period of one year. Getting an affordable health insurance Indiana plan is easy especially if you let us help you get one. Give us a call or request a quote now and have POWER over your health insurance coverage.