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Anthem BCBS of Indiana Your Trusted Provider for HIP

There are only three accredited insurance providers for Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) and that includes Anthem BCBS of Indiana. One of the best reason on why you would want to choose them as your HIP provider is because of their customer service. In fact, Anthem has a special team created to service Indiana citizens known as Community Resource Coordinators (CRCs). The CRCs will be responsible for you when you need to talk to a staff member of Anthem. The good news is that these CRCs live in Indiana or perhaps even somewhere close to your community so you can have easy access to their services. The CRC’s have three offices in Indiana that is located in Indianapolis for Central Indiana residents, Merrillville for Northwest Indiana residents and Evansville for the Southwest Indiana residents. You can call their CRC’s during business hours just in case you need help or questions about your HIP coverage. If you think that having a website and a member login from the health insurance provider is important, then you will find that Anthem BCBS as a favorable choice. When you sign up with BCBS and make them your insurance provider, you will be encouraged to create your member login to the Anthem website that is specifically made for HIP members and Anthem Hoosier Healthwise members. Here you will be able to have access to your personalized information and member services. That way you can focus on your plan alone -which is what matters. I mean why would you care on checking other information on other plans that would not be off help to you? In the website, you will also find a link for a member handbook which pretty much provides you all the information that you need when it comes to your health coverage plan. You can rest assured that the information and answers you will get from the website and the handbook is in line with the Indiana state policy since Anthem BCBS of Indiana works with no less than the State of Indiana to give quality health service. Also you get to have access to member’s newsletters that will roll out important and updated information that would affect your health insurance coverage. Because of all of these, it’s no wonder why many Indiana citizens trust Anthem BCBS of Indiana as their health insurance provider whether for HIP or other plans. You can get to know more about what they have to offer by giving us a call or getting a quote from us.