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Hoosier Healthwise Packages from Anthem BCBS Indiana

Anthem BCBS Indiana continuously works with the State of Indiana to provide its citizens with low-cost health insurance.  Health care is an important program of the Indiana State thus they proactively find solutions for low-income families to still enjoy quality health care services. Included in these solutions are the packages for Hoosier Healthwise offered by their partner insurance providers such as Anthem BCBS. Before we get into the packages offered by Anthem, let us try to give a brief explanation on what is Hoosier Healthwise first. Basically this is Indiana’s health care program that is created for pregnant women, children (up to the maximum age of 19) and those working families who have low-incomes. The Hoosier Healthwise has coverage on the following circumstances:

There are four packages under the Anthem BCBS Indiana Hoosier Healthwise plan. They are known as package A, B, C and P. Package A is created especially for children but some pregnant women are also eligible to avail of this package. Families who are also eligible for Medicaid can also avail of the Package A Hoosier Healthwise plan. On the other hand, Package B Hoosier Healthwise plan offers coverage for pregnant women that are not eligible for Package A. Pregnant members under this package gets to enjoy the same benefit from what pregnant members in Package A are getting except for one benefit which is vision care. Just in case a health condition can cause problems for the pregnancy of the member and an immediate case is needed, Package B members can rest assured that they are covered under this circumstances. Package C Hoosier Healthwise plan is reserved for children that are under 19 years old. Their benefits under this package would include primary, preventive as well as acute care services. Lastly, Package P Hoosier Healthwise plan is for those pregnant women who are still applying for Package A and B. They get short-term benefits until such time that they are approved for either Package A or B. Package P does not include inpatient services but it does however have coverage for outpatient cases. No matter what package you want to get from Anthem BCBS Indiana, we are sure to help you. Just give us a call so we can further discuss your options to getting a quality health care service. You can also get a quote from us by filling out our quotes request form.