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The Primary Medical Provider as Defined by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Indiana

The Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Indiana gives high regards to your primary medical provider or also called as PMP. That is why they regard your PMP as your medical home because for Anthem, your Primary Medical Provider is one of the pillars of your health. This is also the reason why we highly recommend getting an insurance coverage from this highly reputable company. First off, let’s try to find out the definition of Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Indiana of what a Primary Medical Provider or PMP is. A PMP is not considered as one when it is located more than 30 miles from your home. They need to be close to where you live or at least be located within the 30 miles radius so that they can attend to you as soon as possible in cases of emergency. They should also be able to meet your healthcare needs anytime even if it’s already past their office hours especially for emergency cases. Anthem also considers your PMP as someone who you have a relationship with you all the time. They are not considered as PMP if you only interact with them when you are injured or sick. This is because they will be the one managing your health care needs so they should be there to remind you to live and promote a healthy lifestyle. In line with this, it is also important that your Primary Medical Provider should also respect and understand your religious and cultural beliefs. That’s why you need to develop a relationship with them to make sure that they do understand what you need. Your pediatrician can be the PMP for your children. If you also have a family doctor or a general practitioner, they can also be listed as your PMP. Doctors with specialized fields such as an Internist or an Obstetrician can also be applied as Primary Medical Provider. Other qualified PMP’s are those doctors found on health departments such as RHCs (rural health clinics) and FQHCs (Federally Qualified Health Centers). Since your insurance coverage will be under Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Indiana, we suggest calling the clinic of your PMP if they honor your ID card for Anthem membership. If in case you are looking to sign up with Anthem, why not give us a call so we can assist you with your health insurance needs. We also provide quotes from other trusted insurance companies to maximize your options.