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Anthem Of Indiana Helps in the Promotion of Family Planning

Indiana is one of the States that is considered as family friendly. In fact, the state promotes family planning and even puts it as a part of their health care program. In an effort to give its citizens the best, they even partnered with reputable insurance carriers such as Anthem of Indiana to promote family planning among its members. As such, even those who have low-cost insurance coverage from Anthem such as HIP and Hoosier Healthwise have benefits for family planning. The most common misconception of family planning is that it only teaches adults how not to have baby that is unplanned. While it is a part of the family planning program, that’s not the entirety of it.  Family planning services can help adults in a lot of ways such as it can teach women how to be as healthy as possible before they decide to become pregnant. It can also educate you and your partner away from contracting STD’s or the dreaded sexually transmitted diseases and infections. For Anthem of Indiana members, they can even get care and coverage for cases where they encountered some issues and problems with their chosen birth control methods as recommended by a family planning provider. We think that among the reputable insurance providers, Anthem proves to be a good contender in terms of family planning. In fact with Anthem, whether you are an adult or a minor, as long as you are a member, you will already be qualified to the services of a family planning provider. What’s even better is you can get such services even from providers that are outside of Anthem’s network. If you become a member of Anthem, you can expect the following coverage for family planning:

Abortion is also covered for both HIP and Hoosier Healthwise members but only if the pregnancy is found out to cause danger in the life of the pregnant mother. It can also be availed in special cases such as pregnancy as a result of incest or rape. Getting to know more about your family planning options is an important part of healthcare. That’s why if you want to choose a good healthcare provider such as Anthem of Indiana, check on the family planning program that they have. We can help you check it out by giving us a call or getting a quote from us.