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Vision Coverage for Hoosier Healthwise BCBS Indiana Plans

Vision coverage is one of the many benefits of Indiana citizens that are eligible for Hoosier Healthwise. If you plan to avail of this service and want to get it from BCBS Indiana then stay away from their Package B, as this does not include vision care. HIP members or Healthy Indiana Plan members are also not eligible for vision services. However, Package A and Package C members for Hoosier Healthwise are able to enjoy the vision services benefits. When we talk about vision services, this refers to the types of services that are provided by an optometrists, ophthalmologists or opticians.  To differentiate the three, an optician is the person responsible in helping you pick the types of frames needed for eyeglasses. They also make sure that they are fitted comfortably for your usage. They are not however trained to perform eye examinations or recommend treatments and solutions for eye disorders. An optometrist is a health professional or a doctor who performs examination of the eye for possible treatments of vision problems. They are experts on detecting signs of abnormal eye conditions and diseases. Part of the test that they administer includes diagnostics for color perception, glaucoma, ability to coordinate the eyes, ability of the eye to focus and depth perception. An optometrist is not an MD rather they are graduates of Doctor of Optometry. On the other hand, an ophthalmologist is an eye doctor that has undergone medical training thus the M.D. after their name. They are trained experts to provide a full spectrum for eye care. They can assist you from simple tasks such as prescription of eyeglasses or contact lenses to assisting you with delicate and complex eye surgery. They can treat and diagnose all types and eye disease and disorders. For BCBS Indiana members under the Hoosier Healthwise, they can expect the following coverage:

If you are not a member of BCBS Indiana yet and want to avail of a low-cost insurance that caters for vision care too, then give us a call and we will help you avail one. You can also start by getting a quote from us.