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Your Choices for Coverage from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Indiana Providers

One of the good things about getting a healthcare plan from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Indiana providers is the choices you have. This is Anthem’s way to make sure that each Indiana citizen is empowered with choices of variety health coverage so they can meet the unique needs of each individual family. As a resident of Indiana, there are four major plans that you can choose from. Aside from the four, you can also be eligible for State assisted healthcare plans provided by Anthem known as Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) and Indiana Hoosier Healthwise. If you are looking for a healthcare plan from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Indiana providersthat is under a Preferred Provider Organization or better known as PPO then go for the Premier Plus Plan. This healthcare plan has the highest level of medical advantages and benefits. Under this plan, members are entitled to an unlimited number of Doctor’s visit. Members also have the choice for prescription drug coverage as well as an added benefit for an annual vision-screening exam. For those who want to pair their healthcare plan with their HSA or Health Savings Account then the Lumenous HSA Plus is the right option. This offers potential tax advantages to members and more importantly financial flexibility. This plan is considered as a traditional PPO coverage but has its perks for financial flexibility. Under this plan, the preventive care services are not subject for coinsurance or deductible. Members also have the option to choose between 0%, 20% or 50% coinsurance. Those who are looking for the lowest monthly rates but a plan that covers the healthcare essentials can sign up for the SmartSense Plus. Just like Premiere Plus Plan, members are entitled to choose the prescription drug coverage they want to avail. They can also choose from a wide range of co-insurance levels and deductibles. This is so the policy can better meet the needs of the member based on their preference. Now for an affordable protection and coverage against an unexpected medical cost with significant amounts then the CoreShare plan is the best option. This plan has a wide selection of covered services that includes doctor’s visits, hospital care, surgical care as well as outpatient care. Once the member reaches the maximum for out-of-pocket expenses under this plan, then the covered services will automatically be paid 100% for the remaining of the calendar year. If you are interested to avail any of these plans from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Indiana providers, all you have to do is call us or get a quote from us and we will be more than happy to provide you with a wide array of plans to choose from – that would match your medical needs and what you can afford.