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Medicare of Indiana and Cardiac Rehabilitation

Medicare of Indiana is excited about new services available to our clients, some of which have been made possible through the health care reform bill passed in 2010.

One of the “perks” now available to Medicare clients is free screenings from your primary care physician. Everyone who has health insurance is now eligible for free screenings, but Medicare extends this benefit to biopsies. If the doctor performs a biopsy during the screening, and the results are benign, you will not be charged for the procedure. Typically, the patient has to pay for a medical procedure if the doctor does anything in addition to a basic examination. This is because the medical coding is changed, so that rather than a screening, the doctor reports a procedure. In the event there are additional medical specialists involved, such as the anesthesiologist involved in a colonoscopy you are responsible for those costs as well.

However, with Medicare of Indiana, these procedures are not re-coded, provided no health threat is detected. This is a major step for Medicare, as this organization usually takes a frugal stance on such procedures.

Another change in Medicare of Indiana coverage is that you can now get a prescription for yoga – technically, a prescription for Dr. Dean Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease. This program has exhibited astounding results, even by medical standards, for the heart and obesity patients participating. In fact, the improvement in depression is comparable to treatment with anti-depressants, and the weight loss number equal those associated with gastric bypass surgery.

The Ornish program incorporates the traditional treatments for heart and obesity problems, with the addition of stress releasing exercise and therapies including meditation, group therapy, and yoga. The program proponents argue that they have discovered that for people with chronic heart disease, the only lasting answers deal with teaching stress reduction. With these therapies, patients who otherwise have experienced nothing but failure in dealing with their heart disease and obesity are finding success. The result is better health among this pool of Medicare recipients.

This type of medical treatment, while included in a percentage of insurance policies in the past, has never been available to Medicare of Indiana, because the Medicare hierarchy does not usually approve non-medical treatments.

This departure from traditional medical treatment is unprecedented by Medicare, and isn’t very common in general medical practices. However, some health care providers applaud this development as highly necessary. Many of them recognized a long time ago that traditional preventative means have been unsuccessful for some patients. The behavioral factors that affect personal health are not to be denied, and now, with Medicare, they are getting the attention they need and deserve.

Medicare of Indiana hopes to “share the wealth”, so to speak, by providing behavioral therapies in other forms of insurance.  We do currently offer insurance policies that include a discount for gym memberships.

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