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Insurance in Indiana and OTC Prescriptions

Insurance in Indiana has been closely following recent studies on over the counter (OTC) medications being conducted by the FDA. Recently, the FDA proposed that more people may be able to receive the medical care they need if they no longer had to get prescriptions for medicine. The proposal is that prescription medication should be made available OTC.

This has proven to a controversial concept in some circles. Some members of the medical community and a number of health care providers have expressed shock. The irony of this proposal is clear to many.

The irony of this study lies in the fact that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) phased in a rule just last year that removed OTC medicines from allowable expenses from health savings accounts. The PPACA rule states that in order to use your health savings account for OTC drugs, you have to get a prescription.

The FDA argues that the time and expense of seeing a doctor is prohibitive to medical care for many people. The theory is that by making medication more available, more people will take the medicine, improving the health of the general population.

Dr. Janet Woodcock of the FDA argues that, with all of the information readily available to the general public, there are plenty of ways to develop interactive programs that help take a patient step-by-step through the diagnosis and prescription process, rendering the input from a doctor unnecessary. She reasons that so many medical offices and hospitals have switched to electronic medical records that programs could be devised to access the records to aid in accuracy – then accessed via health kiosks and online diagnosis.

The idea that a person could get an accurate medical diagnosis and treatment from a kiosk in the mall has set the AMA abuzz.. Dr. Woodcock argues that most medical advice could be administered by pharmacists, which also has the pharmacists up in arms. Some argue that they are overwhelmed by the workload delivered by their existing roles, and that tacking on additional responsibilities would place them under insurmountable pressure.

Insurance in Indiana is not yet affected by these proposals, but we continue to watch the developments with curiosity. Many of our clients have been affected by the ruling that health savings accounts can be used to purchase OTC medicine without prescriptions.

The newest ruling implemented by the PPACA is supposed to net the government 17 billion dollars over the next nine years. However, it is increasing medical costs by 120 billion a year for consumers and the medical professions.

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