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Insurance in Fort Wayne, IN and Electronic Health Records

Insurance in Fort Wayne, IN is aware that the maintenance of patient health records is undergoing changes. Traditionally, medical offices are stuffed with color and tab-coded files by the thousands, full of years of information on each patient. The doctor is handed the patient’s chart, which he then peruses to review your information.

However, electronic medical records (EHR) are becoming more common. This system has been met with mixed reviews, as there are positives and negatives with any new type of technology. EHR is a technology being implemented out of necessity to develop state wide networking for more comprehensive patient care.

Some medical offices make extensive use of EHR, while others use it as little as necessary. It appears that the majority of primary care physicians are pleased overall with the computerized systems. Specialists are less pleased with the technology.

On a scale peaking at a rating of 9, doctors of internal medicine and family physicians score the addition of electronic health records at a 7.6, while oncologists and ophthalmologists give it a 5.8 rating. The difference may be that for primary care physicians, the programs do not have to be customized extensively.

Studies have shown that physicians are meticulous about patient records. Vendors consider it their duty to provide systems that can meet the needs of each specialist. When this is left to the specialists, frustration mounts and dissatisfaction increases. The specialists are left to customize the programs and health record systems to fit their own specialty. Since there is no pre-configuration for the specialists, they are not as satisfied with the systems.

The size of the practice also makes a difference in physician satisfaction with electronic health records. Insurance in Fort Wayne, IN has seen studies that show that physicians with their own clinics are the most satisfied with the technology. As the size of the practice and number of physicians grows, satisfaction decreases. As the size of the membership approaches 50 doctors and above, dissatisfaction peaks.

In addition, the family physicians reported more satisfaction than clinics that have multi-specialty practices. This is due in part to the customizations required for various specialties. Salaried physicians were also less satisfied with the process of keeping EHRs. Doctors who had the opportunity to select the operating system reported more satisfaction with the systems.

Some of the drawbacks of electronic health records are quite valid. While research is relatively easy, doctors say that it is harder to find individual patient data within the files. Other doctors say that the productivity curve is far too slow, and the productivity is not increased comparatively. However, according to the data available to insurance in Fort Wayne, IN, the more detailed records are worth the changes. is a reliable source of information on EHRs and health insurance coverage, including free quotes. From our vastly diversified medical networks to our accounting procedures, we have built our website to be as “user friendly” as possible for both patients and health care providers.  Visit us to experience all of the above firsthand.