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Insurance in Evansville and Electronic Health Records

Insurance in Evansville, Indiana needs to fit a wide range of lifestyles, as it is the third largest city in the state, home to 117,429 in the city proper, and three times that in the metropolitan area. Insurance coverage, therefore, must suit a variety of individuals and professions.

In 2008, Evansville was voted the best city in which to live, work, and play in the entire country. This is partly due to the broad economic foundation of the city. This variety brings a whole set of challenges to health care providers. There is no single industry with characteristic medical problems. Instead, a myriad of professions exists, each promoting its own health problems. The use of electronic health records (EHR) has been helpful in keeping track of different types of patients and professions.

However, insurance in Evansville has received mixed reports concerning EHRs. The system has met positive expectations in a number of ways, but in some instances EHRs have fallen short. The good news is that many physicians report similar issues with EHRs, theoretically making the necessary changes easier to implement across the board.

Implementation of EHR technology does fundamentally change the physicians’ practice. Some of the changes to their practice seem obvious but can cause anxiety in certain individuals – for example, requiring the use of a computer. The use of computers can elicit ambivalent feelings. This important piece of equipment increases the ease and efficiency of work, but can incite panic when there is any kind of power outage or “glitch” in the system. For this reason, some physicians are against transitioning to a system that relies exclusively on EHRs.

Other physicians argue that the benefits of EHRs outweigh the risks. The documentation process is more thorough. When the doctors had to write everything out by hand, they sometimes cut corners for lack of time, but with computer documentation everything is recorded. This is especially helpful for patients who must switch doctors, or who need to take their medical records to another specialist.

Another improvement brought about by EHRs is that charges are rarely overlooked. The complete records mean that nothing is left off of the bill. This has made a tremendous difference for hospitals in that nursing charges are more thoroughly tracked.

With EHRs, physicians no longer have to wait for a staff member to retrieve a patient’s chart. This is especially helpful in the emergency room. Some doctors also believe that patients are benefitting from comprehensive records. With the networking of medical offices, doctors can see what other health care professionals have diagnosed and prescribed, resulting in better care for the patient.

However, a number of physicians were expecting to benefit from faster completion of the documentation process, and have been disappointed to find that it actually slows them down somewhat for a while. There are also more steps necessary to complete a task. Insurance in Evansville will continue to encourage physicians to use EHRs, due to the comprehensive information.

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