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If you are enrolled under Medicare Senior insurance Indiana Part A or Part B you may want to take a closer look at Medicare Part C. Medicare Part C also known as a plan is a form of Medicare insurance issued through private insurance companies that offers many of the benefits that are missing from both Part A and Part B. Medicare offers several different Advantage plans. The way it works is Medicare pays your insurance company its share of your care every month but each insurance company may have different coverage options for the extras, different out of pocket expenses allowed as well as different rules on how you may receive covered services. For instance some Medicare Advantage plans require you to use a primary care physician and a provider network while some do not. The different types of Medicare Advantage plans are similar to the different types of health insurance plans on the market today and include HMOs, PPOs, PFFs, and SNP (special needs plan),as well as a few lesser known options such as a Medical Savings Account Plan. A MSAP is a plan that has a high deductible coupled with a savings account to pay for medical services. Starting in 2011 all Medicare Advantage plans must include a maximum out of pocket expense limit of no more than $6700. If you happen to reach this amount in out of pocket expenses then the insurance carrier must cover 100% of the medical bills for normally covered services. Not all Medicare Advantage plans are created equal. Although they all offer the same basic coverage like all health insurance you will need to do some research to discover not only which plan is the right plan for you but which plan fits your budget as far as premiums, co payments, deductibles and co insurance. Medicare really is easy once you get the hang of it all, but until you are on your feet and feel like you understand what is going on we are here to help. At Chambers Roper our agents will work with you to answer all of your important Senior insurance Indiana questions to make sure that the insurance policy you purchase is the right policy to fit into your lifestyle and budget.  We are dedicated to helping Texas residents navigate the murky waters of the insurance industry so that they can obtain the right policy at the right price. Just give us a call at 1-877-210-2010 or fill out our insurance quote form today and finally have peace of mind.