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Find the Right Medicare Part D Indiana Plan

Medicare is a health insurance plan specifically created by the United States government to help our seniors, aged 65 and over pay for needed medical care. Unfortunately times change and the Original Medicare plans are no longer enough for most of our seniors. In particular the rising cost of prescription medications has made it almost impossible for many people to afford the care that they need. In the late 1980s Medicare changed and a new Part was added to the mix specifically to meet this growing need. This article will help you understand a little about Medicare Part D Indiana and how to choose the best Medicare drug plan. There are two way to obtain Medicare part D insurance you can either sign up for a PDP or prescription drug plan through a private insurance company or you can sign up for the Medicare Advantage plan. The Medicare Advantage plan is part of the Medicare Part C program. You can enroll in a Best Medicare drug plan or Medicare Part D plan from October 1 through December 7th every year during open enrollment if you are not already enrolled if you miss the open enrollment time period you may have to pay a penalty to become enrolled All Part D plans must offer certain basic benefits but they each have extras included and usually operate on a tier program. If you need help choosing which Part D plan is the right one for you the Medicare website offers a tool you can use to choose one. Because all Medicare Part D plans have a prescription drug tier it is important for you to look over these tiers and find out on what level you medications are located or if the policy you are looking at even covers your medication at all. Like most government programs, Medicare can be a complicated subject until you get the hang of it. At Chambers Roper our agents will work with you to answer all of your important Medicare in Indiana questions to make sure that the insurance policy you purchase is the right policy to fit into your lifestyle and budget.  We are dedicated to helping Texas residents navigate the murky waters of the insurance industry so that they can obtain the right policy at the right price. Just give us a call at 1-877-210-2010 or fill out our insurance quote form today and finally have peace of mind.