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Every single year thousands of kids grow up and leave their parents home to make their own mark on the world. Some of them are off to the exciting world of college, some get married and some simply decide that it is time to make their own way in their own apartments. As parents we have armed our children (we hope) with the knowledge, skills and morals that they need to succeed in their endeavors and face all the curve balls that life will throw in their paths such as access to a solid and dependable health insurance policy from a company like BCBS Indiana Insurance. did remember the health insurance? Did you know that more than 12 million young people between the ages of 19 and 34 do not have health insurance coverage from an affordable carrier like BCBS? Is your child one of them? There are several reasons why young people do not have health coverage from an affordable carrier like Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance and some of them may actually surprise you.  Many young adults do not have coverage not because they think that they are invincible but simply because they cannot afford to purchase an individual policy or they have a preexisting condition of some sort which stops them from obtaining coverage. Help your child get affordable coverage today. At Chambers Roper we work hard to help you find the best deals on all of your insurance needs with the top rated insurance companies like BCBS Indiana. Protect your financial future, your credit rating and your health with an affordable insurance policy. Give us a call at 1-877-210-2010. Our agents have the experience and the desire to help you find the most affordable Insurance quote in Illinois. Or if you are really a DIYer at heart you can click on the link above and check out a few quotes yourself; it’s fast, free and there is absolutely no obligation.