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Are you searching for medical insurance? Have you considered an Anthem of Indiana HMO? When searching for the best health insurance option for you and your family you will need to learn a little about the different types of policies available. One of the most popular types of medical insurance is the HMO or health maintenance organization. A HMO falls under the category of managed care which means that your health care is taken care of by a particular group of doctors and medical centers. These types of health insurance groups are called provider networks and give you a complete team of professionals that are concerned with helping you to become or keeping you healthy. One of the primary features of a managed care program is that you need to choose a primary care doctor who will act as your health care leader and recommend any treatments or specialists within the plan you may need. A disadvantage of this type of health insurance is that your choices are limited as to what doctors and medical facilities you are allowed to use or at least what ones your health insurance carrier will pay for. Another problem is that you need to be careful to choose the right insurance carrier or plan because some plans will offer you a much better choice of doctors then others will. The biggest advantage to this type of policy is cost. The doctors, specialists and medical centers involved in a particular HMO have agreed to abide by the lower pricing for services set by the plan in exchange for more patients. Do you need more information on HMOs, managed health plans or any other type of health insurance? Simply contact us via our toll free number 1-877-210-2010 or email and we will answer any questions and help you decide if an HMO is the right plan for you or if perhaps a different plan will better suite your needs. Are you ready to find the perfect medical insurance from a company you can trust like Anthem of Indiana? Check out our comprehensive health insurance quote engine and compare the rates and benefits of hundreds of policies or call our toll free number and take advantage of our free one on one service.