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Anthem BCBS of Indiana Offers Dental Plans Which Offers Benefits to Employers

Anthem BCBS of Indiana is offering two dental plans to employers.  These are the Dental Complete and the Dental Prime plans and these plans can be obtained by both large employers and small employers.  Research shows that people who have poor oral health will likely obtain health problems such as stroke, heart disease and gum disease.  Furthermore, poor oral health can also cause pre-term or low birth weight on babies, pneumonia and diabetes.  On the other hand, people who have dental coverage are the ones who are healthier.  This is because they can have dental check-ups, yearly physicals and at the same time they are eating low fat diet, they exercise regularly and they brush their teeth at least twice a day.  Most employers are encouraged to include dental coverage in their health benefits. According to Robert W. Hillman, who is the president of Anthem BCBS of Indiana, dental insurance is one of the most important benefits that an employer can offer to their employees.  The dental plans that they offer to companies can create a big impact on the oral health as well as the overall health of the employees.  The networks that are used by these dental plans are the largest networks of dental providers in Indiana.  By using the plan’s networks, small employers and large employers can control the costs without the need to reduce its dental benefits.  The Dental Prime plan is a lower cost network while the Dental Complete provides wider network access.  These dental plans have three core plans and these are the enhanced dental plans, classic dental plans and the value dental plans.  For more information about Anthem BCBS of Indiana insurance quotes, you can visit us at  If you need more details and assistance, you can talk to an expert by calling us at 1-877-210-2010.