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BCBS of Indiana Launches New Deductible Credit Program

A lot of Indiana residents are searching for less costly options for their individual health care coverage.  They are looking for ways so that they can save on their family’s health coverage.  In most cases, consumers fail to reach the deductible of their health care coverage.  That is why; BCBS of Indiana is launching an improved Deductible Credit Program on some of their selected individual health insurance products such as SmartSense.  In this program, qualified members who have failed to meet the deductible of their health insurance during the previous year can obtain a credit which they can use on their deductible.  This is great since it can lower their out of pocket expenses.  This program is excellent for people who are unable to meet their deductibles and want to be covered during emergencies.  It is also perfect for those people who want to have lower premiums and prefer to pay higher deductibles.  This is ideal for individuals who want to get the most from their health insurance plan. In this program, money will be placed into the Special Incentive Account and you can use this in order to meet your deductible.  If the member is eligible then a Special Incentive Account will be created automatically.  BCBS of Indiana cares a lot about their Indiana customers.  As much as possible, they do not want to increase their health care coverage that is why they are offering excellent options such as the Deductible Credit Program.  For more information about BCBS of Indiana health insurance plans, you can contact our agents at 1-877-210-2010.  You can also visit us at to obtain multiple quotes from different reputable insurance companies.  We have a variety of plans of each individual because we know that each person has unique needs.  We can help you find the best plan that can suit to your budget.