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Who Needs Indiana Health Coverage

Indiana health coverage is very essential especially for those people who belong to the poverty level.  An uninsured woman ended up in emergency care most of the time because she can’t afford to pay her monthly medications.  The frequent trips to the hospital’s emergency room leave her in debt which can eventually lead to bankruptcy.  This woman does not have any idea if she can gain health benefits from the new health care law.  She was not able to buy a health insurance because her husband only earns $2000 a month.   This woman along with the other families is the main focus on the new health care law which will be fully implemented after two years.  However, there are cases that some families might end up uninsured despite having this law.  This is because the Supreme Court allows some states to decide whether they will oblige to the law of expanded Medicaid program or not.  This program provides health coverage to those qualified residents who are below the poverty level. There are some Republicans in some states which are not in favor of the expansion program because according to them it is too costly for the states to pay for the 10% of the health care cost for those new members of the program.  Generally, there are millions of Americans who do not have any health insurance such as Indiana health coverage because they are earning below poverty level.  There are even families who are considered below the poverty level even if one of the spouses is working for full time.  In some states, four out of 10 uninsured people are earning below the poverty level.  If some states will not expand their Medicaid program then the burden of the health care cost will be on those people who are below the poverty level.  To get your quotes for Indiana health coverage, visit us at or you may call us at 1-877-210-2010.