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The Downside of Not Having Any Indiana Health Insurance

Indiana residents must understand that if they do not have any form of Indiana health insurance then they will be burdened by the huge costs of health care which can sometimes lead to bankruptcy.  Even a minor injury which can cause a short visit to an emergency room can already drain your savings.  That is why; most people are embracing the upholding of the Affordable Care Act.  However, there are some states which refuse to abide the federal health care law.  Most of these states have Republican leaders.  By turning away from this new health care law, these states are denying coverage to those uninsured individuals who could have been eligible for the program.  By refusing the Affordable Care Act these Republican leaders are not only saying “no” to President Obama but also to all the millions on uninsured individuals as well. The Supreme Court recently gives flexibility to the states by ruling that they can have the option to reject the Obamacare.  However, there are downsides to this rejection.  States who are not implementing the Medicaid expansion program are making low income uninsured residents at risk because of coverage gap.  Medicaid is a huge federal health program which mostly covers the disabled people, low income families and children.  The expanded program of Medicaid is expected to cover millions of uninsured low income residents who are not currently covered by any form of health insurance plan.  The federal government will cover 100% of the expansion program for the first three years until it will gradually drop to 90%.  Millions of uninsured people are below the poverty line and they could suffer a coverage gap if these states will refuse the new health care law.  To obtain the best Indiana health insurance quotes, you can visit us at  For more information and details, you can also call our agents at 1-877-210-2010.