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Benefits of Indianapolis Insurance Laws on Seniors

Due to the implementation of the new Indianapolis insurance laws, seniors are enjoying great savings.  According to the Medicaid and Medicare centers, there are about 2.2 million members of Medicare who have saved more than $1.2 billion from their prescriptions.  Each person has a savings of about $550.  Millions of seniors and individuals with disabilities are taking advantage of preventive benefits.  One of them is the Annual Wellness Visit which is part of the Affordable Care Act.  Seniors are grateful to this new health care law since they can obtain free preventive care and at the same time enjoy cheaper medications.  Members of Medicare can benefit from several free preventive services such as programs for quitting smoking, cancer screenings and diabetes screenings. The new Indianapolis insurance laws also enable seniors to obtain cheaper prescription medications.  Because of the Affordable Care Act, seniors and persons with disabilities can enjoy 50% discount on their brand name medications under the Medicare Part D coverage.  This discount is created in order to remove the coverage gap or doughnut home in their medications.  The discount will gradually increase until such time that the coverage gap will be closed in 2020.  Additionally, there are no changes being done on the Medicare Part D premiums and it will stay the same.  Medicare further stated that there will be a 4% decrease on the average premiums of Medicare Advantage plans.  The annual open enrollment period is the best time to review your health insurance coverage and prescription coverage. If you need more information about Indianapolis insurance then you can contact our experts at 1-877-210-2010.  To get your quotes, you can access our website at  We have different health insurance plans from reliable insurance companies.  We can also help you in finding a plan that meets your requirements and budget.