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How New Health Law Affects Indiana Medicare

Indiana Medicare beneficiaries can save thousands of dollars from Affordable Care Act.  According to the Department of Health and Human Services, this new health care law provides efficiency, quality care, reduces wastes and most of all offers cheaper costs for medications.  Base on their analysis, people who are members of the traditional Medicare can enjoy a savings of more than $3,500 for the next decade.  On the other hand, disabled individuals and seniors who have higher costs of health care and prescriptions can obtain a savings of more than $12,300 for the next decade. The Affordable Care Act strengthens Medicare and lessens the burden of medical costs for vulnerable patients.   The new health care law can improve the benefits of the seniors who are members of Medicare.  These savings and benefits can only be achieved with the continued support of the Affordable Care Act.  The new health care law can help Indiana Medicare beneficiaries in obtaining low cost medications and eventually in closing down the doughnut hole.  For those people who have reached the doughnut hole, they can acquire 50% discount on brand name medications which are covered by their prescription plan.  Seniors and people with disabilities can also enjoy annual wellness visits as well as preventive services.  More savings can be enjoyed by seniors and people with disabilities who have higher medical costs.  The savings that these seniors and disabled persons obtained are due to the improvements being done by the Affordable Care Act to the Medicare.  By improving the quality of care, minimizing abuse, fraud and waste, the program can become more efficient and lower costs can be enjoyed by all the members.  In order to know more about Indiana Medicare, you can talk to our agents at 1-877-210-2010.  To request for health insurance quotes, you can visit us at