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Tips in Buying Health Insurance for Unemployed in Indiana

If you are jobless then it will be hard for you to obtain the proper care that you need especially during unexpected injuries and illness.  That is why; you have to buy health insurance for unemployed in Indiana.  Many unemployed workers who are between 50 and 60 years old are having difficulty in paying for their medical bills.  This is because they have no job prospects and at the same time they cannot enjoy their Social Security benefits yet because they are not yet in their retirement age.  According to the Labor Department of the United States, out of the 14.9 million people who are unemployed, 2.2 million of them are 55 years old and older. Health insurance for unemployed in Indiana can be obtained in different ways; some states have plans that offer low cost coverage.  You can also opt for short term health insurance policies which can cover sudden accidents and illnesses.  This plan can only be paid for as low as $30 a month for each person.  Catastrophic insurance plans usually costs $30 a month but it will all depend on your health and age.  People who are being denied coverage due to pre-existing conditions can choose to enroll in the federal program of Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan which is imposed by the new health care law.  In 2014, all individuals who have pre-existing conditions will not be denied coverage anymore.  This is very advantageous to those people who are suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes, stroke, heart attack and others.  For more information and resources about health insurance for unemployed in Indiana, you can visit us at  You can also request for quotes at our website.  Our agents can help and guide you in choosing the right plan, just call us 1-877-210-2010 to talk to one of our agents.