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If you are looking for the right balance of Medicare options coupled with added benefits, top of the line provider network, low monthly premiums and the freedom to make your own choices then BCBS of Indiana may be the right choice for you. When looking for health insurance plans there are many advantages to becoming a BCBS of Indiana member including worldwide medical care, extensive provider network, discounts for services that are not typically covered under your health plan, discounted dental insurance and prescription drug coverage, and more. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Indiana is one of the oldest and most trusted names in the health insurance industry. When founded in 1939 Blue Cross was strictly intended for hospital coverage. It quickly became apparent that people wanted more from their health plans and in 1949 Blue Shield was added to encompass doctor’s office services.  Do you have any questions about BCBS or any other type of health insurance? Another advantage to choosing a policy from Blue Cross Blue Shield Indiana is the provider network. BCBS has one of the largest provider networks in the world so you may even find that your current physician and neighborhood hospital are on the list. If service, dependability and a solid reputation in the industry is what you are looking for then you really can’t go wrong with a plan from BCBS. At Chambers Roper we work hard to help you find the best deals on all of your insurance needs with the top rated insurance companies like BCBS of Indiana. Protect your financial future, your credit rating and your health with an affordable insurance policy. Give us a call at 1-877-210-2010. Our agents have the experience and the desire to help you find the most affordable Insurance quote in Indiana. Or if you are really a DIYer at heart you can click on the link above and check out a few quotes yourself; it’s fast, free and there is absolutely no obligation.