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What Should I Know About Indiana Medicare Advantage Plan?

Just like every other form of health insurance on the market today, Medicare is not a one size fits all program. Instead it is a wealth of different plans and policies which can be mixed, matched and tailored to each person’s individual needs and budget. In order for you to get the health care essential to your needs it is important for you to know and understand each option available to you including Indiana Medicare Advantage plan. What is a Medicare Advantage plan? Medicare Advantage plans which are also known as Medicare Part C are a type of managed care health insurance which allows you to combine your Medicare A and B benefits as well as a number of other benefits not covered under either. How do Managed care plans work? Medicare Advantage plans are provided by private insurers, unlike original Medicare, which is provided by the government. The government pays Medicare Advantage plans (formerly called Medicare managed care plans) a fixed monthly fee to provide services to each Medicare beneficiary under their care. The plans are often attractive to recipients because they the offer the same basic coverage as original Medicare plus some additional benefits and services that original Medicare doesn’t offer. Am I eligible for a Indiana Medicare Advantage plan? In order to join a Medicare Advantage plan you must have both Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B coverage already in place. When can I sign up for a Medicare Advantage plan? There are specific times when you can sign up for a Medicare Advantage or Medicare Part C plan or make changes to the coverage you already have. 1)      When you first become eligible for Medicare during your initial enrollment period 2)      During open enrollment period which is from October 15 through December 7 for the 2013 coverage year. 3)      Under certain qualifying circumstances you may be able to qualify for a special enrollment period such as, a)      You move b)      You become eligible for Medicaid c)       You qualify for extra help with Medicare prescription drug costs d)      You are receiving care at an institution like a skilled nursing facility or a long term care hospital. At Chambers Roper we work hard to help you find the best deals on all of your insurance needs including help with finding the right Indiana Medicare Advantage plan. Protect your financial future, your credit rating and your health with an affordable insurance policy. Give us a call at 1-877-210-2010. Our agents have the experience and the desire to help you find the most affordable Insurance quote in Indiana. Or if you are really a DIYer at heart you can click on the link above and check out a few quotes yourself; it’s fast, free and there is absolutely no obligation.